April-September, 2023
Perception of atheists and atheistic beliefs in a modern cities in Kazakhstan: breakdown by generations

The Public Foundation "Center for Social and Political Research “Strategia"
The project is focusing on critical re-evaluation of issues of secularism and religiousness in the urban environment, assessing ability to express views and beliefs free and safe. The study of changes in perception of atheists as a social group and analysis of their well-being in a city will help keeping the discussion on changing the public discourse on religion up to date.
Overall objective:
Research changes in attitudes towards atheists and atheistic beliefs in the contexts of modern cities in Kazakhstan to provide material supporting efforts to secure urban environments of peaceful coexistence of city inhabitants in Kazakhstan of different belief system.
Project objectives:
  • Analysis of regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan for their compliance with declared principles of a secular state and respect for freedom of conscience.
  • Expert assessment of the current situation regarding respect for the principles of freedom of conscience in Kazakhstan.
  • Research on the manifestation of religiousness /non-religiousness in urban environments; the grounds and characteristics of the formation of atheistic beliefs (perceptions); attitudes towards atheists in urban environments.
  • Identification current trends in social interaction caused by the manifestation of non-religious identification, in particular atheistic beliefs.
  • Organizing and conducting a discussion on the research topic on a level of expert and academic communities.
  • Preparation and publication of an analytical report on the research outputs.