July-November 2023
Destigmatization as a step towards an inclusive city

The "Cityzen Space Foundation (CSF)"
In the modern urban environment of Kazakhstan vulnerable groups of people are practically not  included in the process of decision-making, public discussion, with the exception of individual representatives who represent the entire community. Through the destagmatization of people belonging to vulnerable groups in public discourse, the project supports the realization of their rights and the development of an inclusive urban environment.
  • Project objectives:
    • to map the problems of vulnerable groups, using visual tools;
    • to analyze successful cases of public narratives about vulnerable groups and understand the reasons for their success;
    • to develop methodological recommendations on the realization of civil rights by vulnerable groups, thereby helping to develop their right to an inclusive urban environment;
    • to develop a shared methodology for developing communication strategies and campaigns for vulnerable groups (LGBT community, victims of domestic violence, citizens with special needs, etc.);
    • to change public narratives about vulnerable groups in order not to stigmatize them through media and other forms of communication.
    The main activities of the project are:
    • selection of participants in the methodological school through the open-call;
    • conducting methodological school in Almaty, Kazakhstan, preliminary in October 5-8, 2023;
    • presentation of the results of the analysis in the methodological manual that describes:
    1. the problems of "invisible" communities in the city,
    2. the methodology of the school and how to replicate it in other context,
    3. the mapping of problems of "invisible", vulnerable communities.