August - November 2023
The 4rth industrial revolution and key challenges for Central Asia

The University of World Economy and Diplomacy (UWED)
Objectives of the Project:
  • 1
    Analyses of the state and dynamics of Central Asia, including Uzbekistan, in the processes of formation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution;
  • 2
    Identification of key economic and social challenges and opportunities presented by a new type of technology, which can be characterized as "replacing technology", i.e. innovations replacing jobs created by the previous generation of technologies;
  • 3
    Analyses of the impact of new technologies on the emergence of new values, including environmental and ecological values.
Project Activities:
  • Four master classes for bachelors, masters and doctoral students of a number of universities of the Republic of Uzbekistan with participation of leading Uzbek specialists in the field of the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on politics, economy, society, values and environment.
  • Two expert interviews.
  • Series of publications for mass media
The project was implemented by the University of World Economy and Diplomacy with the financial support of the Representative Office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Central Asia.