April - November 2022
Post-Taliban Afghanistan and Central Asia: Will the new regime in Afghanistan reshape the Central Asian regional dynamics for cooperation and security?

The Institution "American University of Central Asia" (AUCA)
The Taliban takeover in Afghanistan has been transforming diplomatic and security dynamics, not only in Afghanistan, but also in the wider region. Central Asian states are now facing, or at least may have the potential to face, security challenges and risks. There is an urgent need to understand how Taliban takeover shape regional dynamics and political cooperation in Central Asia.
Objective of the project:
To critically discuss the ongoing dramatic developments in Taliban Afghanistan and their implications for Central Asian states through various angles within the framework of educational activities. Whereas all Central Asian leaders have strong public and domestic consideration in their bilateral relations with the Taliban, there is an urgent need for regional cooperation to cope with the new security challenges and risks.
Main activities of the project:
1. Conducting an extended study "How does the Taliban regime change regional dynamics and political co-operation in Central Asia?" answering the questions:
  • How does the political elite in Central Asia perceive the Taliban regime?
  • How does the political elite of Central Asia perceive the military and political intervention in Afghanistan by other actors (Russia and China)?
  • How do the political elite of Central Asia address the existing and emerging security challenges in the Greater Central Asia region? What are their proposals?
The article was printed and distributed online and offline in English and Russian and presented at an international conference held at AUCA on 31 October 2022.

2. Preparing a short version of the study written for the non-expert community. The purpose of the paper is to inform interested people (general public) from the region and beyond about the implications of recent political developments in Afghanistan for the countries of Central Asia. The paper was published on https://ru.rosalux-ca.org and AUCA website in English and Russian.

3. Holding an international conference on 31 October at AUCA with the participation of regional and international experts and the academic community, where the results of the study and additional expert opinions were presented and discussed.
The project was implemented by the American University of Central Asia with the financial support of the RLS Representative Office in Central Asia.