March - June 2022
Social street art

Public Association "Youth of Osh (Юз оф Ош)"

Photo: mural "Osh for Equal Access to Education", Osh city

Author of the photo: Marlies Linke

In August 2022 an art object (mural) named "Osh for Equal Access to Education" dedicated to the promotion of girls' and women’s rights to education was created in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. The aim of the project is to empower girls and young women, promote zero tolerance to gender-based violence and gender inequality through the creation of thematic street art and the involvement of the public and other key players in the discourse, as well as an information campaign.

The mural was created by artists from Kyrgyzstan Vera Andrianova and Arslan Narynbekov. Representatives of the Osh city administration, deputies of the local Kenesh, representatives of the Kaziyat, as well as civic activists and bloggers attended the presentation of the mural.

The project was implemented by the Public Association "Youth of Osh" with financial support of the Representative office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Central Asia.