May - November 2022
The problem of climate migration in Central Asia: challenges and solutions

University of World Economy and Diplomacy (UWED)
The threat of further deterioration of the climate situation in Central Asia directly affects the vital interests of large rural and urban populations, as it could lead to the degradation of established ecosystems, agriculture and irrigation systems, with migration pressure on urban centres. States may face increasing costs to address climate migrants. At the same time, the threat of climate change opens a window of opportunity for the development of new approaches to the development of living environments, taking into account modern green technologies in agriculture and industry, accompanied by the development of a new system of "ecological" values, worldview and education. The regions - potential sources of climate migration - can become the first stage of applying these approaches.
Project aim:
To draw the attention of the academic and expert community, state authorities of Central Asian countries to the growing problem of climate migration and the need for its comprehensive study with a focus on social challenges and ways to resolve them.
Project objectives:
  1. Identification of potentially vulnerable regions in Central Asian countries and social groups to abrupt climate change, as well as potentially key areas of climate migration;
  2. Identification of scenarios for a comprehensive response to the challenges of climate migration with a special focus on addressing social issues;
  3. Further mainstreaming the topic of climate migration among the academic community of Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries.
Project activities:
  1. Scientific conference "Climate Migration in Central Asia: Challenges and Solutions" (Tashkent UWED, 19 October 2022) in mixed offline and online mode with participation of NGO experts, representatives of academic community, governmental organisations and mass media from Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries;
  2. Two educational seminars for undergraduate and graduate students of UWED with participation of leading experts in the field of climate migration and climate change:
  • "Climate Change in Central Asia: Social and Environmental Problems", UWED, 20 October 2022, led by Vladimir Korotenko, Head of the Ecological Movement "BIOM" (Kyrgyzstan).
  • "Theoretical Foundations of Climate Change Intensity in Central Asia", UWED, 29 October 2022, moderated by Boris Alikhanov, Chairman of the Senate Committee of the Oliy Majlis (Uzbekistan).
The project was implemented by the University of World Economy and Diplomacy with the financial support of the RLS Representative Office in Central Asia.