Publications — 2021

A Kyrgyz Dream and a Miracle by Sadyr Zhaparov

The article covers yet another violent change of power in Kyrgyzstan in October 2020, which has deeper and more structural reasons than just a banal power struggle. Firstly, the political parties of Kyrgyzstan, which had long demonstrated their incompetence, on October 4, 2020 led themselves to the collapse of the system of political parties, which had never functioned properly. Secondly, the large social gap between the rich and the poor, which had been accumulating during all the years of independence, resulted in outright hatred, especially of the residents of the regions, towards the rich who held various positions in government. Trends in the development of these two factors have long been observed in society, but the pandemic has accelerated all processes and became a catalyst for their aggravation.
Author: Azamat Temirkulov