Seeking a Consultant for Website Reorganisation Services

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung in Central Asia (RLS CA) is looking for a Website Development Consultant


The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Representative Office in Central Asia (RLS CA) seeks to enhance the user experience, navigation, and visual appeal of its current website.


To optimize the website's structure, design, and content in a way that enhances user engagement, facilitates easier navigation based on topics and themes, and reflects the latest trends in web design and user experience.

Scope of Work:

The Website Development Consultant in coordination with the RLS CA team will be responsible for:

Website Reorganization:

· Rearrange existing information blocks to improve user experience, employing a logical and intuitive approach.

· Create new information blocks and sections as requested by the Client (RLS CA), ensuring alignment with the user-friendly concept.

Template Creation:

· Design and develop templates for new formats of analytical materials, ensuring consistency with the website’s branding and user experience principles.

· Ensure templates are versatile and user-friendly, allowing for easy adaptation to different types of content and analyses.

Thematic Navigation:

· Develop and implement a system of thematic sections and tags to enhance website navigation, moving beyond chronological organization.

· Ensure the thematic navigation system is intuitive and facilitates users in finding content relevant to their interests quickly.

Design Adjustments:

· Review and refresh the website’s color scheme and individual design elements to ensure a modern and cohesive look that aligns with the brand identity.

· Implement design changes with a focus on accessibility and user experience, ensuring the website is welcoming and easy to navigate for all users.


· Proven experience in web development, design, and content management.

· Strong understanding of user experience (UX) principles and web design trends.

· Proficiency in web development tools and content management systems (Tilda).

· Excellent communication skills, with the ability to translate technical concepts into non-technical language.

· Portfolio of previous work that demonstrates capabilities in website optimization and design.


The Consultant shall provide regular progress updates and communicate any challenges to either the Head of the RLS CA Representative Office or a designated member of the RLS CA team, ensuring clear and consistent reporting lines.


The contract for this consultancy is anticipated to conclude effectively on December 31, 2024. Services will be provided on an as-needed basis, tailored to the dynamic needs of the website project. Each engagement will be defined by project-specific timelines and deliverables, with the flexibility for contract extension subject to the ongoing requirements of the project work of the RLS CA.

Application Process:

Interested candidates should submit a CV, cover letter, and portfolio of relevant work along with proposed hourly rates (service fee per hour) to by April 25, 2024 (18:00 Almaty time)